Man Gets Dolphin's Help in Adorable Proposal

His now-fiancé had the surprise of a lifetime during a trip to the Miami Seaquarium

Updated 01/07/19

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It’s common to get your friends and family in on a proposal, or even your domestic pets, but this groom-to-be got very creative, enlisting the help of a dolphin(!!) to pop the question.

On a recent trip to the Miami Seaquarium Thwin Siss and Lizz Cobb sat in on the Top Deck Dolphin Show, according to WSVN. When the audience participation portion of the event rolled around the couple was randomly selected to get on stage—except it wasn’t random at all! Siss had the whole staff in on the surprise, and they helped him to get Flipper the dolphin’s assistance too.

When Siss and Cobb went down to the pool they met Flipper with a friendly handshake. Things quickly turned sassy when Flipper swam back around and splashed the couple with his tale. On the third go-around, flipper returned with a peace offering and carried over a buoy with the words “Will you marry me?” printed across it. At the same time the dolphin trainer presented Cobb with the buoy, this now bride-to-be turned around to find Siss on one knee.

“She was not expecting this at all,” Siss told the local news station. “I’ve been planning this for months.”

Cobb’s disbelief was written all over her face. In the video, she can be seen gasping and covering her mouth in shock, but the proposal was definitely a welcome surprise. “I am just so excited to spend the rest of my life with him,” Cobb said.

Even though the couple has been together for four years, Siss didn’t think he would ever make it down the aisle. “People never thought that I would ever get married because I've been heart broken before,” he said.

But despite his failed attempts at love, Siss is ready to go all in with Cobb.

“I never thought it would ever happen, but there’s always the time when you find the right person that makes you change your mind, and she’s that one.”

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