Malin Akerman Had to Solve a Real-Life Wedding Emergency While Playing a Bridezilla in 27 Dresses

Luckily, the film crew helped her out

Updated 04/12/18

20th Century Fox/Everett Collection

Sometimes, life truly does imitate art. Back in the mid-aughts, Malin Akerman was filming 2008's 27 Dresses, in which she (perfectly) plays the selfish bridezilla sister of Katherine Heigl's perma-bridesmaid. But in real life, she was also prepping for her own wedding to Italian musician Roberto Zincone. In a new interview with PeopleTV, Akerman shared the story of the IRL wedding crisis she had to deal with while simultaneously having to stir up wedding drama on set.

"I was actually in the process — I got married while we were shooting this. But, interestingly enough, I was having my wedding dress made, and it was shipped from L.A. I got it, it didn't fit, and I was two days out from my wedding," Akerman said. "So, luckily, I was on this movie and they sent me into New York to get a dress." She added, "I literally just picked one that fit, and then off I went to my wedding!" Sadly, the dress she chose wasn't the gorgeous one her character has custom-designed from pieces of her mother's own gown in the film, but Akerman loved it all the same.

"I asked if I could take [that] one, but I couldn't," she said. "But I got a good one!"

Akerman and Zincone tied the knot in Italy in June 2007 and welcomed son Sebastian in April 2013, before announcing their separation in November 2013. In the years since, the 39-year-old prioritized Sebastian well above dating, telling People in 2016 that she was "not really actively seeking [to date]." She continued, "I'm just focusing on my son and work. If somebody comes along, then, fantastic. And if not, fantastic. I'm just inviting whatever is coming my way. I always feel like the more you try to control anything, the worse it gets.

So I'm just going with the flow."

But in October 2017, Akerman revealed in an Instagram post that she and Jack Donnelly, a British actor who she first started dating earlier that year, had gotten engaged. "This sweet and loving man has stepped into our lives and stole both our hearts! I think we're gonna keep him around for a while ;) #engaged #isaidyes #jackdonnelly #family #yes," she captioned a sweet selfie of her and Donnelly, her unique engagement ring just visible in the edge of the photo.

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