The Maldives Private Island Resort Honeymooners Need to Know About

Spoiler alert, it's all about wellness and mood.


On your honeymoon you should cycle through only the most pleasant moods. The people of Milaidhoo, a new Maldives private island resort, are focused precisely on making sure that happens. "Mood follows food," says Dr. Leslie Korn, author of "Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health" and "Eat Right, Feel Right." At Milaidhoo you can choose from several food/mood experiences: For example, if you want to get sleepy before bed (you'll be a little jet-lagged over there on the other side of the world), you can request "Deep Sleep Mood" dining: It starts in the spa. During your ninety-minute couples' massage, a waiter will set up a dinner table on your villa's private terrace. Overlooking your infinity pool, flecked at night with "stars," you will enjoy four courses as you listen to the waves of the Indian Ocean crash around you. Your dinner will be stimulant-free (no alcohol, no sugar), made only of fresh, locally sourced ingredients that have soporific properties — think green tea soup with brown rice and salad with fresh lobster. "Green tea is rich in an amino acid called theanine," Dr. Korn explains. "Theanine enhances the brain chemical GABA, which reduces anxiety and helps us sleep." Once your table has been cleared away, the resident yogi will pop by to lead you in a 30-minute meditation. Afterward, you'll move to the bathroom, where a hot bath strewn with Maldivian flowers has already been drawn for you. (Careful not to fall asleep in the tub.) Other "Mood Dining" experiences include Sunrise Awakening, Curious Adventures, Sunset Chill, and Getting Into The Milaidhood Mood.

Not that it's hard to get into the Milaidhoo mood. You'll be in the mood the second your sea plane lands on the turquoise water. Milaidhoo is all about romance: Your villa's infinity pool is shielded on both sides, primed for skinny-dipping. The spa offers a two and a half-hour couples' treatment. Sunset is everything — you can watch it while sipping cocktails and listening to the Indonesian house band; or on a private cruise as dolphins arc out of the water; or during a picnic-for-two on a nearby sandbank. And you'll get to name a star in the sky. You'll receive a certificate with its coordinates so you can find it forever, from anywhere in the world. As part of a reef-conservation effort, the dive shop also offers honeymooners a chance to name a piece of coral. It will be planted on the reef and you'll get pictures and updates about it forever -- your honeymoon coral baby

Klaus Lorke
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