6 Tips to Keeping Your Bridesmaids Happy on the Big Day

Snacks, snacks, SNACKS!


Photo by Ana Hinojosa and Sergio Sandona

Being a bridesmaid often comes with a lengthy to-do list that requires a lot of time, money, and energy. Not only can the job be a whirlwind of a role to take on during the months leading up to the big day, but it can feel like you’re practically a wedding vendor on the day of.

Most brides want their bridesmaids not only to have the time of their life on their wedding day but to also feel relaxed and stress-free. As you’re planning the ins and outs of your wedding day, think about ways you can be there for your bridesmaids, big time, so they can be there for you with full support.

To get you started, check out this list of six things you can make happen for your bridal party so that they feeling a hundred percent more comfortable on your big day.

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Choose Bridesmaid Dresses With Pockets

Your bridesmaids are going to spend eight or more hours in the dress that you pick out for them, spending most of that time running around, posing for photos, and dancing the night away. An easy way to make them feel comfy is to choose a bridesmaid dress with pockets (sometimes even hidden pockets) so that as they are moving and grooving, they have a spot to put tissues, makeup, and their phone.

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Allow Flat Shoes

Once a person gets blisters on her feet, you can almost guarantee that they'll want to plop down on a chair and not move a muscle. To help make sure that people are able to be up and running around, without their feet pulsating in pain, we recommend good, solid, supportive shoes.

Even if you want your bridesmaids to wear a specific pair or high-heeled style for photos, let them take them off after the pics are done or the ceremony ends. Better yet, provide them with a comfortable pair of flats that they can slip on immediately and let their feet feel free.

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Designate Time to Chill

A wedding day can feel like the longest day ever. Just ask any bridesmaid who was forced to get up at 6 am to get their hair and makeup done for a ceremony that didn't officially begin until 12 hours later. If you’re planning an early start, also build in time for the bridal party to relax, sit down, and—most importantly—eat throughout the day. If you run them ragged all morning and afternoon, by the actual reception, you may find them napping in a corner.

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Serve a Lot of Snacks

We said it above, and we'll say it again: Food is important. For the sake of protecting your friends from hangover pains, have unlimited snacks available all day. Pick healthy or healthy-ish snacks that aren’t filled with too much sugar (you want to avoid any quick crashes) and will leave your bridesmaids feeling satisfied and energized. You should also encourage them to pack their own favorite treats to munch on throughout the day.

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Plan Activities for Their Plus-Ones

If your bridesmaids are bringing plus-ones who don’t know many other people at the wedding, they may feel awkward just leaving them alone for most of the day. Plan some activities so the plus-ones of the bridal party can come together for a lunch break or mid-afternoon coffee run. That way, those in your bridal party won’t feel distracted or guilty for not being fully available to entertain the their date. You could even ask the plus-ones to order some lattes and deliver them to the bridal suite for a pre-ceremony pick-me-up. Now they get a few minutes to see their partners, and you and the crew get free coffee. Everyone wins.

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Stock a Beverage Cart

Keep your bridesmaids hydrated! A beverage cart of water is a must-have, but feel free to add champagne and cocktails as you see fit. Your bridesmaids will thank you—just as long as you can trust them to drink slowly so they make it down the aisle okay.

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