Danielle Fishel Was Criticized For Looking "Fat" On Her Wedding Day. How Far is Too Far?

Updated 10/30/13

Danielle Fishel via Twitter

On Oct. 19th, Boy Meets World (and soon-to-be Girl Meets World) star Danielle Fishel (forever Topanga to us) married college sweetheart Tim Belusko in a gorgeous renovated Baroque-style cathedral in Los Angeles, California. But apparently, the two couldn't run off into the Hawaiian sunset without some vicious controversy thrown their way: Critics commented that the '90s sitcom favorite looked fat in her form-fitting strapless lace Enzoani wedding dress. Fat!

We were outraged to hear this news, and unsurprisingly, so was Fishel. She took to Twitter to express her disappointment:

Any bride would shudder at such harsh (and false!) commentary, but the criticism hit especially close to home for Fishel, who battled weight issues in the past. "I was terrified to eat," Fishel told People in 2010.

After taking to Twitter, Fishel faced her haters in an even more gratifying way: Us Weekly published some sizzling pictures of the star in a bikini on her honeymoon, just days after her wedding. As everyone can see, she looks anything but overweight.

Whether or not a bride has faced weight issues in her past, it's never OK to say something so cutting to a bride—celebrity or non-celebrity. First, Fishel looked like dynamite in her body-hugging gown (that thing fit her like a glove). Wedding Dress aside, Fishel's happiness in her wedding photos is contagious. A wedding is a joyous occasion, celebrating the love between two people. Whether or not you agree with the bride's style, every soon-to-be Mrs. looks beautiful on her big day. After all, if the bride is truly happy to be saying "I do," she'll be glowing from the inside out. As the popular adage goes: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it all. Yes, celebrities put themselves in the public eye, and therefore expect scrutiny, but they're also human. Every bride deserves a special day between she and her chosen partner. Please people, let it stay special.

—Lauren Frankfort

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