5 Luxe Candle Brands Worth Adding to Your Wedding Registry

...Including the beautiful candles Kate Middleton had at her wedding!

Updated 02/18/17

Courtesy of Nest Fragrances

Somewhere along the line in the history of gift giving, scented candles got a bad rap. For one reason or another, they’ve been dubbed the ultimate cop-out gift, as if showing up to any occasion with a candle in hand guarantees you’ll never get invited back.

Brides, it’s time to put that notion to rest once and for all. A luxurious scented candle can be a very thoughtful gift, especially if the packaging is sublime and the scent is one you know the recipient will enjoy. Plus, while many of us love having candles burning in our homes, they’re not an item we usually splurge on for ourselves.

So if you’re someone who appreciates the gentle glow of candlelight and the way a quality candle can make your entire home smell scrumptious, consider the below brands for your wedding registry. These luxury labels take the candle game to a whole new level—and your guests won't feel the least bit of remorse for scooping up one or two for your first home together as newlyweds!

Courtesy of Diptyque

While Diptyque’s iconic scents have certainly earned their loyal following, it’s the brand’s glass jars, with the signature oval label, that have fans coming back for more. It’s not uncommon to see the vessels scattered across vanities and bathroom shelves, repurposed as makeup-brush holders or caddies for Q-tips and stray lipsticks; there are plenty of creative ways to enjoy the containers long after the wax has melted. For your wedding registry, take a look at the popular Indoor & Outdoor candles, which are housed in earthenware pots and are ideal for backyard entertaining. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with the classic Baies candle, which has a sultry scent bursting with roses and blackcurrant leaves.

Courtesy of Jo Malone London

Jo Malone London
Fun fact: When Kate Middleton married Prince William back in 2011, she had Westminster Abbey scented with Jo Malone London candles in Orange Blossom (the princess’s signature scent) and Lime Basil & Mandarin. The British brand has long been a favorite for its simple, sophisticated packaging and unexpected (albeit addictive) scent combinations, which are heavenly on their own but even better when layered with other Jo Malone London fragrances. Take your pick of various candle sizes and a lengthy lineup of scents, ranging from fruity and floral to spicy and woody. Our recommendations: the subtly sweet Peony & Blush Suede and juicy Nectarine Blossom & Honey.

Caesar Lima

Anthropologie is known for having rows upon rows of Voluspa’s stunning candles burning brightly in its stores, and on more than one occasion we’ve been inspired to pick up a few of the brand’s exotic scents. (French Cade Lavender and Prosecco Rose are among the cult classics, but if you’re into fruitier fragrances, you’ll want to try Japanese Plum Bloom.) As irresistible as the smells are, it’s Voluspa’s packaging that first catches the eye; there's a variety of embossed jars and decorative tins to choose from, each one more intricate and eye-catching than the next. The petite sizes are wonderful for your bathrooms, while the larger ones are best for illuminating your living areas and bedroom.

Courtesy of Nest Fragrances

Nest Fragrances
Nest’s elegant frosted-glass vessels make these candles a perfect match for any decor style, but it’s the brand’s intoxicating scents that’ll have you picking out one for every room of your home. Among the best sellers are crisp, modern Bamboo, tangy Grapefruit, and spicy Moroccan Amber, but we suggest you take a whiff of Sicilian Tangerine, a mouth-watering blend featuring notes of bergamot, mango, and passionfruit. If you’re a fan of fresh floral scents, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for the limited-edition three-wick White Camellia candle; trust us, the dusty-pink-marble jar is too gorgeous to pass up.

Courtesy of Lafco

Lafco has two distinct candle collections for you to choose from, based on your scent and style preferences. House & Home offers a rainbow of hand-blown glass jars filled with elegant scents designed specifically for your various living spaces; Chamomile Lavender should burn in your master bedroom, while Marine goes best in the bathroom. On the other hand, Present Perfect (pictured above) boasts playful blends like Honeysuckle & Bergamot, Watermint & Neroli, and Orange Blossom & Pomegranate. While these vessels are a bit simpler, the pretty patterned boxes they come in totally make up for it.

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