A Wedding Reception Trend We Love: Long, Banquet-Style Dinner Tables

Updated 10/09/14

Aaron Delesie

The vibe of your wedding reception greatly depends on how the evening is organized, and one of the easiest ways to make your party feel welcoming and warm is with your wedding tables. The trend of long, banquet-style tables has gained popularity amongst brides and grooms. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, but they're also a great way to make even the largest wedding feel super intimate. There are countless ways to bring this trend to life at your wedding reception, but we found six examples we really love.

Nestled under twinkling café lights, the neutral-hued, long table seen above is as inviting as it is romantic. Centerpieces play off the lush greenery that bookends the space, and simple dinnerware paired with dark wood chairs keeps the eye moving along the length of the table.

This couple decorated their long, winding table with tons of colorful accents, like multicolored blooms, bright glassware, and custom sun-dyed placemats. One perk with going with a super-windy style? It means each guest has a few more people in their eye-line to chat with over dinner.


Photo: Hugh Forte

This gorgeous reception table was tucked around the bend of a private road and hidden from guests during the ceremony so the picture-perfect space would be a complete surprise.

This gorgeous long dinner table doesn't need much to dress it up — the couple stuck with simple arrangements of airy baby's breath and mismatched vintage plates for a casual-chic look that feels fitting for an inclusive table design.

If keeping your guests closely aquatinted with nature is key to your wedding aesthetic, consider a table like this Ohio couple did. Wound through trees and set with neutral white linens and dinnerware, this gorgeous table is a winner.

Photo: Paige Jones

Still a little fearful of having just one long table during your reception (or feel like you have too many guests to seat at just one table)? Consider several longer tables like this couple did. Decorated with floral table runners, this is a way to make the trend work even if you prefer your tables broken up.

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