NFL Player Logan Ryan and Wife Ashley Bragg Used Their Wedding to Raise Money for an Animal Rescue Group

Absolutely beautiful

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Grab the tissues for this wedding story. NFL player Logan Ryan and wife Ashley Bragg didn't ask for much in regards to their wedding registry. In fact, there wasn't one at all. Instead of asking guests for material items to celebrate their big day, the couple asked to donate to an animal rescue group that aids stray dogs.

The couple married on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, although they were sad to separate from their beloved furry friends, Nala and Leonardo. "We knew a destination wedding was best for us, but I did struggle with the fact that our dogs couldn't be involved," the NFL player told The Dodo. Unbeknownst to them, their love of dogs would be of good use while on the island.

Following the nuptials, which Bragg noted "almost looked fake" because of how truly stunning the occasion was, they headed into the town of Soufrière for a photoshoot. There, they met a stray dog. "Naturally, we decided to say hi, pet her, give her love," Bragg said. The dog took a particular liking to the couple, and she even tried to play tug-of-war with Bragg's veil! In that fleeting moment, the couple couldn't help but feel this dog was a sign to help other stray animals on the island.

"Dog rescue is with us wherever we go," Ryan revealed. "It's just something we're passionate about and want to make a difference in any way we can."

If you take a look at Ryan's Instagram, many of his photos would echo this sentiment. The couple founded Ryan's Monthly Rescue, a social media campaign that aims to shelter dogs, specifically pit bulls. In search of a similar program on the island, the couple found HelpAWS, a foster-based animal rescue group that shelters stray dogs and cats and has vaccination programs.

"Many people asked us beforehand about gifts. We just told them we were all set and suggested they donate to their local shelter or rescue instead," Bragg revealed. "Most people wanted to donate to an organization that would be more meaningful to us. So once we connected with Charlene, we gave them HelpAWS."

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