Lil Wayne Officiated a Gay Wedding While in Prison

Updated 09/26/16

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Lil Wayne recently shared news of a one-time gig that we wish we were there to witness — a gig in which he played wedding officiant! Apparently the rapper presided over the same-sex wedding of his two friends, but even more surprising than the officiant is the uh, unique, wedding venue: Prison. Yep...

"I now pronounce you..." You've been dreaming of the moment you and your fiancé hear those words on your wedding day, but what if there was a famous face behind them? As of late, it seems like it's the new in thing for A-listers to add an unexpected role to their resumes — wedding officiant! Celebrities have been becoming ordained to help their best buds tie the knot. Jonah Hill wed new parents Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo back in 2014. Tom Hanks got ordained to wed Allison Williams and her new husband.

And Run-DMC fans Nicole Richie and Joel Madden turned to Rev Run to marry them for their December 2010 wedding. But the latest celebrity toting officiant-status is the most surprising yet with the news that rapper Lil Wayne married two of his prison buddies. Wait, what?!

Okay, we have SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. What did the grooms wear? Will prison become the next trending wedding venue? Is orange really the new black? Here's what we know: In Lil Wayne's upcoming book Gone 'Til November, the rapper recounts the time he spent at Riker's Island in 2010 on gun charges. And besides visits from P. Diddy, Kanye West, and Drake, another major event took place behind bars — a wedding officiated by Lil Wayne himself.

In excerpts obtained by Billboard, the rapper describes how he jokingly married two other male inmates in a makeshift wedding ceremony. "I got the Bible and I'm like, 'We gathered here today,'" Lil Wayne writes. And the other (incarcerated) wedding guests also pitched in, decorating the prison in toilet tissue and toasting the newlyweds with 13 bottles of Gatorade. "Gatorade is liquid gold in this b—," explains the rapper. Will Gatorade be the new "I do" beverage of choice, brides-to-be? (Well, it is cheaper than champagne...)

And what's a wedding without a reception? "Everybody brought something for the couple," Lil Wayne writes, adding that he contributed cookies to the reception, where the inmates partied to the couple's wedding playlist (a.k.a. individual radios all tuned in to the same station — crafty, huh?)

"The s— was too funny!" says the one-time officiant. "Imagine seeing grown-ass men in jail hanging tissue for wedding decorations... AND one of them is Lil Wayne... Crazy!"

That's for sure!

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