How Do We Let Guests with Children Know We're Serving a Kids' Menu?

Updated 08/01/16

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When you're choosing what to serve for dinner at your wedding, there's more to consider than just beef or fish. From allergies to vegetarians, it's a good idea to have choices so everyone can find something they'll enjoy. Another choice to add to the list? A kids' meal. Whether it's chicken fingers, pizza, or a dressed-down version of your roast chicken entree, having something little palates will enjoy will give you major bonus points with Mom and Dad. So how do you let the parents know there is a kids' meal available? Take a cue from our experts.

If you are inviting a large number of children to your wedding, think about including kids' meal information in your invitation. If every couple with children is being invited as a family, include the kids' meal as an option on your RSVP card (and specify that it's for those under a certain age to ward off more humorous guests). Inviting some families but not others? Print an insert to tuck into certain invitations to let parents know that a child-friendly option is available without suggesting to those invited without their kids that little Tommy is actually on the guest list.

This is also one of those wedding details that you can definitely share via e-mail. Gather up the addresses of all the parents with young children, then let them know that there is an additional option available. Confirm whether there are any allergies amongst the kids, then count up how many will be taking you up on your offer!

Of course, you can also pick an age and decide that anyone under 12, for example, will be receiving the kids' meal, while anyone older will get an adult option. If you are inviting young kids but no teenagers, this is a great solution. Most four year olds will be much happier with macaroni and cheese than beef tenderloin!

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