How You Can Learn to Love (or at Least Like) Working Out

It's definitely a journey for most of us

Updated 05/25/18


Are you feeling motivated to find a fitness routine you love (or can at least tolerate) but are having trouble getting off the couch and into workout mode? You're not alone.

While those who just love exercise might seem like a foreign species to you, there are some simple steps you can take so that you too can workout with a smile on your face and maybe even look forward to it!

Here are some of our favorite tips to make working out feel less like torture and more like, dare we say it, fun!

Find a Friend

Having a workout buddy can make you look forward to your sessions at the gym or classes at the studio, as well as hold you accountable. After workout coffee or lunch dates are always a perk, too. And a friend can also mean your S.O.! Couples who sweat together, stay together!

As an extra bonus, many gyms and studios offer “bring a friend” discounts or passes, so it’s a great way to introduce others to your favorite spot and vice versa.

Track Your Progress

Sometimes all you need for motivation is a little friendly competition—with yourself. Luckily, there are tons of apps at there that can track exercise metrics including calories burned, distance traveled, pace kept, and more.

Another great way to monitor your progress, though, is to step away from the data (this includes the numbers on the scale) and go for more qualitative measures instead. How your clothes feel, how well you sleep at night, and your energy levels are all signs that you’re well on your way to a healthier you.

Try it All

It’s easy to get discouraged from working out if you’ve only tried one or two workouts or classes that you’ve absolutely hated. There are tons of options out there, and the best way to learn to love exercise is by finding the right program for you. From low-impact yoga or barre, toning Pilates, cardio like running and kickboxing or intensive high interval training, if you try a variety of options you’re bound to find a favorite over time.


It’s human nature to enjoy something a bit (okay, a lot) more when you know you’re getting something out of it. When it comes to exercise, the benefits (both physical and mental) are plentiful, but sometimes you might need a bit more.

Maybe you respond well to challenges, like consistency or leaderboard contests offered by your gym or treats you can reward yourself with on your own. Perhaps after hitting a goal of say, four workouts a week consistently, you’ll reward yourself with a mani/pedi, or splurge on a new pair of leggings or sneakers after a particularly great month.

Entertain Yourself

It’s almost impossible not to multitask these days, and working out can be no different. (In a good way, of course.) Whether you opt to listen to your favorite playlists, audiobook or podcast, you can begin to look at working out as a 2-for-1 entertainment experience, too.

If the machinery of choice allows, why not tune into your favorite show while riding a stationary bike or working out on the treadmill? You’ll be able to binge watch without any of the guilt, so it’s a win/win.

Just be sure to stay away from the work emails and calls while enjoying your “me” time; those potential stressors can wait.

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