Lea Michele Has Already Pinned Down Her Wedding Singer—and It's Darren Criss!

She can cross this off her wedding to-do list

Steve Granitz

Of the many perks of starring in one of TV's most beloved musical dramas, you naturally have no shortage of talented friends and costars to perform at your future wedding, and Glee alum Lea Michele is taking full advantage.

The 31-year-old singer/actress/author got engaged to her beau, businessman Zandy Reich, on April 28, flaunting her massive new rock (that Rachel Berry would undoubtedly approve of) on Instagram. One month later, this bride-to-be already has "wedding singer" crossed off her checklist. Her reception will feature the vocals of her close friend and former costar, Darren Criss!

Criss seems a natural choice for Michele's wedding performer, considering the former Glee stars just kicked off their nationwide joint tour today, fittingly deemed the LM/DC tour. Michele ended up using the duo's pre-tour rehearsal as her impromptu wedding singer proposal opportunity, according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

"We just had our run-through...Darren’s set is so good, I literally stood up and screamed like a fan. I’m a really big fan of his—obviously he’s my friend, but he’s an incredible performer," Michele gushed. And the trial run must have made Michele realize Criss can be upgraded from just a wedding guest on the big day.

"There was a song [Darren] wanted me to sing in concert, so he told me kind of last minute, and I had to learn it," she added. "So I learned it on our last rehearsal date. He’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, thank you so much,’ and I’m like, ‘No problem, just start preparing all the songs for my wedding now.’ He’s like, ‘done.' " Easy enough!

According to Michele, she and Criss chose a diverse range of tunes to serenade their fans during the string of upcoming concerts, with a few Glee classics obviously making the list. "We put together a really great concert filled with songs we did together on Glee, some Broadway songs, also songs from my album and some of Darren’s—there’s something there for everyone," she said. Wedding playlist sneak peek, perhaps?

As far as the rest of her wedding plans, the Scream Queens actress was also quick to pick her maid of honor—one of her best friends, Jonathan Groff, who played Glee's notorious Jesse St. James. Michele announced the big news via Instagram May 9, sharing a selfie of the two with the caption "Maid of honor."

Based on her current wedding attendants, it seems Lea Michele and Zandy Reich are in for one musical (and Glee-filled) wedding. New Directions fans can only dream of a cast reunion at the ceremony.

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