Lea Michele Asked Glee Creator Ryan Murphy to Officiate Her Wedding

It sounds like her wedding will double as a mini reunion

Courtesy of Zola

Lea Michele is casting some of her former Glee family in her upcoming wedding.

The actress admitted that she and her fiancé Zandy Reich haven’t “100 percent” gotten into who they are inviting to their wedding, but a few people have already secured their spots on the guest list, including Glee creator Ryan Murphy, who will be in the wedding.

“I have asked Ryan Murphy if he will officiate my wedding,” Michele revealed in an interview with Brides.

The Scream Queens actress previously announced that Glee alum Jonathan Groff will serves as her maid of honor, but she confirmed to Brides during a Zola party, celebrating the launch of the brand's new wedding paper, that several other former cast mates will be in attendance. Becca Tobin—who had Glee matriarch Jane Lynch officiate her nuptials—as well as Darren Criss, who she plans on putting to work on her special day, have all but RSVP'ed yes.

“[Darren] better perform, I’m performing at his wedding!” the actress told Brides.

Criss is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Mia Swier, and Michele says she's enjoyed having company while wedding planning. “We’ve known each other for so many years now It’s just been great to have another bride that’s going through this process,” she said of Swier. “Just being like ‘what did you do for this?’ ‘What did you try for that?’ because it is a lot of information to funnel through.”

Michele and Criss, who were recently on tour together, have also gotten to bond during this journey. “Darren and I are such great friends,” she said. “He’s like a brother to me, so the fact that we’re in this really sort of important moment in our lives at the same time is really special.”

In addition to her guest list, Michele is slowly checking other things off her wedding planning to-do list, including finding a venue. “We’re really taking our time to make sure we’re really happy because we are from the east coast but we live on the west coast, so it could be an east coast wedding, it could be a west coast wedding, it could be a Montana wedding, so we’re really just taking our time to just make sure we know exactly where we want to be.”

Once they settle on a location, food and music will be their next priorities, as she cites those two factors, along with location, as the most important parts of a wedding. “I know its cheesy, those are the most obvious answers, but you have to feed your people, you got to put them in a place that’s comfortable, and the music has to be great.” She also revealed that her and her fiancé plan to pen their own vows instead of opting for traditional ones.

But the one thing the bride-to-be definitely has locked in is her wedding dress. Michele famously picked the first dress she tried on—which she first spotted on Instagram. She said while it was the first and last dress she tried on, there were several options in the middle that didn’t make the cut.

The actress hasn’t yet revealed who the top-secret designer is, but she did drop a few hints to Brides about what her dress might look like.

“Someone said to me and my fiancé ‘You want to look at your photos and feel like it's classic,’ and I think a lot of people go on trends, and I think that that’s great, but I want to look back and feel like this is a classic this will look good, stand the test of time,” she said.

The Emmy-nominated actress also had some great, albeit unconventional, advice for brides also looking for an easy way to know their dress is the one. “So many people will be like ‘look beautiful when you try your dress on’—no,” Michele said. “Don’t wear any makeup, put your hair in a bun, don’t wash your hair, and if you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel beautiful, then you will only feel a million times better on the day.”

While her dress was a breeze, Michele admits that there have been some unexpectedly stressful parts of planning her wedding—like deciding if kids will be allowed to attend. But it seems like she will at least miss one aspect of it when it’s all over: Her registry!

Courtesy of Zola

“It's been—it's one of my most fun things,” Michele said of making her registry on Zola. She raved about how easy the process has been and how much she has enjoyed the gifts she’s received so far, most notably a wine of the month and cheese of the month membership. (She even hopes to have a literal cheese cake at her nuptials.)

“And on your phone, it will pop up like, You've got a gift, and it's really nice,” she continued. “It's very sweet, and it's been one of my most favorite parts of this whole process."

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