$350,000 Wedding Canceled After Family Fight at the Rehearsal Dinner

That's One Expensive Fight, If You Ask Us

Bride in Wedding Dress

Stuart McClymont

We've heard of some pretty disastrous wedding stories in our time, but none as heartbreaking as this one. Amy Bzura and Brad Moss were set to be married last year on October 29, according to the New York Post, but on the eve of their wedding day, all hell broke loose.

It was during the rehearsal dinner at Blue Water Grill in Manhattan when things started to go way, way downhill. Apparently Bzura's brother, Adam, wanted to make a "heartfelt toast" and play a video tribute to the pair, according to the NYP, but Robert Moss, the groom's father, wasn't having it. He even threatened to kick Adam out saying, "Do you know what I can do to you?" All that for a speech and a video montage? Yikes.

Sadly, that was only the beginning of the bride and groom's night from hell. The mother of the groom, Wendy Moss, supposedly began arguing with Adam, which is when the groom's brother, Michael, stepped in and punched Adam right on the mouth. Then, Robert tried to take Adam down, as the bride's father, Bruce Bzura, tried his best to hold him back. According to the Manhattan federal court suit filed by Bruce, the evening escalated to "shouting and tears"—and eventually led to the groom's mom calling all of the guests and telling them the wedding was officially off.

After this nightmare of an evening had passed, the bride and groom were only set for more disappointment. Robert, who owns Long Island Pipe Supply, was determined to make sure he never had to see the Bzura family again. So he gave his son an ultimatum—either break up with Amy or be cut from his business and his will. The Mosses then allegedly "changed the locks on the East 54th Street apartment Amy and Bradley shared, preventing her from getting her belongings," the New York Post wrote.

The couple broke up, and as if it couldn't get any worse, Brad decided to sue his ex-fiancée for the $125,800 engagement ring he had given her when he proposed. And that's just the first lawsuit filed over the nixed nuptials. The second one came from Bruce, who is seeking to reclaim the money lost (about $350,000) from their canceled wedding. The bride's father claims that he paid for most of the wedding, with the exception that the Moss family would pay for their selected guests, which amounted to about $90,000. But Bruce reportedly hasn't been paid back for those expenses.

Brad is trying to get over the whole ordeal. "It was a mess," he told BuzzFeed. "But we're moving on, we're moving through it." Here's to hoping none of this happens to anyone else—ever.

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