Exclusive: How Faith Played a Major Role in Lauren Scruggs and Jason Kennedy's Wedding

Meet our latest real bride blogger, Lauren Scruggs, a former model and the founder and editor of LOLO Magazine, who overcame her own personal struggles after a plane accident. Lauren is giving us the inside scoop on how she planned her winter wedding to E! News host Jason Kennedy! From finding her dream dress and managing her guest list to balancing work, her relationship and moving into a new home, Lauren documented every step of the big-day process for BRIDES.

As many people know, faith is a very important part of my life. When Giuliana Rancic first told me about Jason's bible group and his Christian background, it was something that immediately drew me towards him.

Growing up, my dad taught me a lot about community, and as soon as I met Jason I saw so many connections between his sense of community and my dad's lessons. I've always put a lot of importance on having real, deep friendships. So, when I met Jason's friends and saw that he valued that same lifestyle, I knew it said a lot about him as a person. He's so real with everybody and all of his friends are so connected.

Since we both feel strongly about our faith, it was easy to find meaningful ways to incorporate Christianity into our wedding. My pastor from my hometown church, Matt, officiated the wedding, along with Judah Smith, a pastor in Seattle who has been one of Jason's mentors and good friends.

The ceremony itself was centered on our faith and we included music that reflected that. On my first night in the ICU after my accident, my worship pastor played the song "Restoration." I don't remember that happening, but it's like my brain knows every time I hear it. So we played that song — it's just little touches like that will really showed our journey.

Jason and I also chose a few special scriptures for our loved ones to read during the ceremony. Jason's friend and pastor, Carl Lentz, read one with his wife.

Since we focused our faith-oriented details during the ceremony, the reception was a true party.

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