Lauren Burnham’s Custom Hayley Paige Wedding Dress Is in the Works

The former 'Bachelor' contestant shared some dress details during Bridal Fashion Week

Presley Ann

Lauren Burnham’s fairy-tale wedding will be complete with an on-theme wedding dress by bridal designer Hayley Paige.

Just a few months away from her January 12 wedding to former Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., Burnham attended Paige's spring/summer 2019 JLM Couture Bridal Show during New York Bridal Fashion Week on Friday. There, the reality star talked to Entertainment Tonight about the process of creating a custom dress with Paige for her Hawaii destination wedding.

"I vibe with her so well,” Burnham said of the designer. “We have very similar interests and style. I’m very girly. She’s very girly. She likes glitter. I like glitter, so it works. She understands what I’m looking for."

Paige is definitely on board with Burnham’s vision and has a plan to make sure her personality shines through. "I really wanted her to have a voice with it," Paige said. "Because I think the way that she carries herself and in this position is really special, and when you do that I think you have a sense of style and know kind of what you want, and I think she has a lot of conviction in everything that she wears. So I wanted to hear from her what she really loved. And taking bits and pieces from the existing collection but then also adding something new and exciting that’s exclusive for her. So she’ll have a one-of-a-kind dress."

While the dress will remain top secret, Burnham, who has had two fittings and received sketches of the unique creation, is already gushing about it. "Oh, my gosh, it’s stunning," Burnham said. "She is amazing. I literally get so excited just thinking about it because she’s great."

The dress will fit right into the fairy-tale theme and be "elegant and understated at the same time," according to Burnham. "I would say it’s a little bit of a princess vibe."

This ball gown will go against what Burnham believes everyone expects her to wear—including her fiancé. “Arie doesn’t have a whole lot of input,” she said. “He thinks I’ll look beautiful in whatever I wear. I think he pictures me in something that’s spaghetti strap and tight, but I think that’s what a lot of people assume I will choose, so I might throw something in that’s a little unexpected."

Naturally, Burnham’s dress has been hard to keep secret from her BFF—a.k.a. her husband-to-be—who has already secured his tuxedo. “I share everything with him,” she said. “He’s my best friend, so it’s really hard for me to keep a secret."

Hopefully Burnham gets to share all of her exciting dress moments with her gal pals who double as her Bachelor family. Former contestants on Luyendyk's season, Seinne Fleming and Marikh Mathias, received invites to the big day, while Maquel Cooper will be one of her bridesmaids.

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Burnham admits that the way their friendship started was a little, um, weird, but she wouldn’t change a thing. “It’s a really special bond that a lot of people probably don’t understand," Burnham said. "It’s a little bit quirky in the way we met, but we’ve become really close because of the show and I'm really grateful for that."

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