Here's What to Do If You're Running Late to Your Friend's Wedding

Updated 05/07/16

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Etiquette states that a wedding ceremony really shouldn't start more than 15 minutes after the time stated on the invitation, which means guests should arrive well before the listed time to be in their seats when the music starts. But what happens if it's not the bride who's late, but you, the wedding guest? Here's what our experts think you should do if you're late to your best friend's wedding.

Running late is the worst, especially when you have somewhere really important to be! And if that event is the wedding of someone you really love, it can be even more stressful. There are a few things you should be sure to do — and a few things you shouldn't.

Don't text her. It's her wedding day! The last thing she needs is to worry about where you are, and chances are she'll be too distracted staring at her almost-husband as she walks down the aisle to notice you're not in a pew. Keep her calm by saving the story of how you high-tailed it to the church for another time.

Do enter quietly. If the ceremony has already begun, enter as quietly as you can. Take a seat in the back row, being careful not to disturb any other guests or get in the way of the photographer or videographer.

__Don't make a scene.__Once you do find your BFF, whether you saw her first kiss or quietly snuck in during cocktail hour, don't make a big deal over what you missed. In fact, don't mention it! If she has a videographer, ask her after the wedding if you can watch the ceremony footage. And whether it was traffic, bad directions, or weather, save the commute complaints!

Do make the most of your time. Whether you missed 10 minutes or an hour of the wedding, make the most of the time that's left. Toast the happy couple, get down on the dance floor, and smile for pictures — you made it, after all!

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