Party On: Crowd-Pleasing Late-Night Wedding Snacks

Updated 08/06/14

Most couples want their wedding guests to keep dancing well after the cake is cut. But to keep the revelry moving past dinner and dessert, consider having your caterer bring out a tasty late-night snack. Tons of couples work with their caterer to have one or two treats served about an hour to an hour and a half before the reception ends. It's an especially thoughtful option if you're hosting an after party, too!

Keep in mind that you'll want something portable and easy to eat, and that won't require additional silverware or plates. We found five perfect late-night wedding snacks that your guests will love.

Mini Doughnuts (above): Bite-size doughnuts tucked into a cup of coffee or hot chocolate is sure to hit the spot any time of year, but is a particularly great option for a fall or winter wedding. And late-night party-goers will appreciate a caffeine boost as the night goes on.

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Cookies and Milk: This is a quintessential late-night snack. Elevate them for your wedding night by offering mini shot glasses topped with a chocolate chip cookie and a whimsy straw. Or fill the glasses with an alcoholic treat, like a boozy milkshake or a White Russian.

Popcorn: Create a popcorn bar stocked with sweet-and-savory options. And since it's a portable and fuss-free food, guests can keep dancing while they grab a quick bite.

French Fries: The salty treat is a great option since it cooks quickly and is a breezy to serve and eat. We love them stacked in playful paper cones, but you could easy have your caterer place them in family-style bowls so guests can serve themselves.

__Corn Dogs:__For couples who prefer to serve heartier bites, consider corn dogs. The already portable snack is perfect for guests who didn't fill up enough at dinner. And since they're a few-bite food, these mini dogs won't slow down the party.

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