Last-minute Honeymoon Ideas You Can Book ASAP

Forgot to check "plan honeymoon" off that wedding to-do list? We got you covered!

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Let's get real, wedding planning can cause quite the overwhelming headache. There are so many decisions to make before the big day that one detail in particular might fly underneath your radar—the honeymoon.

Whether you're looking to jet set somewhere exotic immediately following the wedding day, or it's been months since your wedding and you're finally getting around to booking the honeymoon before your vacation days expire, you might be looking for a last-minute honeymoon trip you can book ASAP.

Here, five suggestions if you want to plan your getaway in a hurry.

1. Grab & Go Itinerary

If you want to head off to some place exotic, but can't stomach the headache of planning out all of the details, perhaps your best bet is to jump on a group travel trip where you pay a flat fee for hotels, entertainment, local travel costs, and a couple of meals a day. Sure, you'll be traveling through a new country with a handful of other strangers on the trip, but you can sneak away for some alone time whenever you want.

2. Discount Cruise

If you're looking to head for the water, you can easily find last minute cruise sales through CruCon, a company that offers on-sale cruises. Cruises are great honeymoon trips because you can island hop and boat-buffet hop without worrying about planning too many details yourself.

3. A Local Spa Resort

Ditch the cost of travel and honeymoon in your backyard. If you haven't had time, or the budget, find a local spa resort and head there for a long weekend. Even though you'll be in your own city, staycations can be extremely relaxing because they lack the pressure to run around in order to see and do everything in a short amount of time.

4. Disney Honeymoon

If you're Disney-obsessed, head to the land of magic for your honeymoon and spend your vacation in the theme parks, restaurants, and lounging by the pool. This is an easy trip to take and you can't go wrong with a couple of days pretending to be a kid again.

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5. An All-inclusive Spot

For a last-minute honeymoon where you don't have to plan a lot or do much, pick an all-inclusive resort where you don't have to leave the hotel for food, drink, or fun.

Jen Glantz is the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire and the author of the new book Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire). She frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

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