You Won't Believe What Kanye West Had Engraved in Kim Kardashian's Stolen Engagement Ring

Updated 10/07/16

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After the tragic — and extremely scary — armed robbery Kim Kardashian faced this past weekend at her private home in Paris, we're taking a moment to reminisce about the reality star's multi-million dollar emerald cut engagement ring, recently gifted to her by none other than husband Kanye West. In an interview with Andy Cohen during Advertising Week in New York City, Kardashian opened up about the story behind the infamous 20-carat, $4 million diamond band, and man does it scream "Kanye."


Apparently, after the famous rapper scored a big deal with Adidas this past June, he decided to take some of the money he got from the transaction to casually buy his new wife the BIGGEST diamond we've ever seen. As Kardashian tells the story, West supposedly surprised her one night saying, "Babe, babe I got you something from Adidas." Assuming he just meant a pair of shoes, she sleepily told him, "I'll get the shoes in the morning, I'm sleeping." Much to her surprise, the singer placed a Lorraine Schwartz box on her pillow and said, "No, open your eyes — you know I just did that big Adidas deal so I got you something from Adidas." Kanye being Kayne, the Adidas puns weren't over yet. According to Kardashian, he even had the band engraved with the word 'Adidas' "cuz he's funny like that."

But if you know anything about the Kimye power couple, you know that nothing that they do is quiet or lowkey. The rapper proposed to his leading lady in an over-the-top event (of course filmed by E!), leading Kardashian blindfolded to AT&T Park in San Francisco and got down on one knee to pop the question. When he did so, the giant scoreboard in the baseball field lit up with the words, "PLEASE MARRY MEEE!!!" and a live string orchestra began to play romantically while her family watched from the baseball dugouts. The only thing to top that jaw-dropping mayhem was their actual wedding — a stunning celebration in Italy that cost over $2.8 million and included a rehearsal dinner at the Versailles palace in France. Consider it the Kimye way — go big or go home.

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