Here's How to Snag Decor From Kim Kardashian's Wedding to Kris Humphries

Blast from the "KUWTK" past

Updated 06/28/18

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In the wedding heard round the world (because of its unusual brevity), Kim Kardashian and former NBA player Kris Humphries tied the knot in an ultra lavish August 2011 ceremony...then split a whopping 72 days later (that's Hollywood for ya). While both parties have since moved on, their former wedding decor still exists in all its glory, and you can now claim a piece for yourself.

If you're a mega Keeping Up with the Kardashians fan, if you happen to have an affinity for used 2011 wedding decor, and/or if your and your partner's initials are conveniently also "KK," then you're in luck. On July 28 and 29, Los Angeles–based prop and movie memorabilia store, Premiere Props, will be auctioning pieces from event designer Rrivre Davies, who happens to be the vendor behind Kim and Kris's E!-aired wedding day, People reports.

Auction items from the famous nuptials include square-fringe pillows, emblazoned with the couple's initials. "These silk pillows were custom-made with the monogram that was used all over the wedding," Davies told People. And, naturally, in true over-the-top Kardashian fashion, the couple had the cushions "made with metallic silver thread in the background design to make sure the bling factor was present even here," according to Davies.

If bedazzled crosses are your thing, you've also come to the right place—the auction will include the same massive, crystal-infused crucifix Kim and Kris used in their ceremony. "The scale of the venue was quite large, so I designed this cross as oversized," says Davies. "I took inspiration from historic Armenian crosses to conceptualize this piece." The structure features "solid wood, shaped to have dimensions so that from any angle you see the bling of the crystals." Naturally.

You can even stock up on some secondhand goodies from Khloé Kardashian's lavish parties or from Kaley Cuoco's first wedding, including a lush white couch and circular bourne from KoKo's 2015 yacht party (how nautical!) for her boyfriend at the time, James Harden.

This auction truly gives Keeping Up with the Kardashians new meaning, and congrats to the future highest bidders for scoring some precious artifacts of reality TV history.

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