Creative Kids' Table Ideas for Your Wedding Reception (We Promise Their Parents Will Thank You!)

Kristyn Hogan

If you're inviting children to your wedding, it's a good idea to think of a few ways to keep them entertained at the reception. We love the idea of seating all the kiddos at one table — they'll have a blast playing with the other children and it'll give their parents a much-needed break, too. Here are six fun ways to create an interactive kids' table that will keep them busy and make them feel included in the festivities, too.

Crafts and Candy (above): Stock each place setting with mason jars filled with candy and easy crafts for them to enjoy.

Photo: Kelly Brown Photographer

I Spy: Spell out each kid's name using alphabet cookies and display a custom "I Spy" game at each place setting to help keep the little ones occupied during the reception.

Photo: Desiree Shuey

Paper Crowns: How sweet will all the children look wearing paper crowns they decorated themselves?

Photo: Trent Bailey Photography

Travel-Size Board Games: At the center of the kids' table, display boxes filled with travel-size board games like Sorry!, mini Etch-a-Sketches, and a variety of coloring books with crayons.

Photo: Dimples & Tangles

Kraft-Paper Tablecloth: At the kids' table, swap out a formal linen in favor of a kraft-paper table covering, then turn it into a giant coloring book with a marker.

Photo: Jana Williams

Individual Activity Kits: Make each kid feel special with a personalized kit assembled just for them. These contained snacks (Goldfish crackers!), small toys like rubber dinosaurs and yo-yos, and coloring books adorably packaged in a mini suitcase.

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