Katy Perry Reveals Romantic New Details About Orlando Bloom's Over-the-Top Proposal

Prepare to swoon

Daniele Venturelli

We already knew that Orlando Bloom’s Valentine’s Day proposal to Katy Perry was nothing short of magical, thanks to the epic story the singer told Jimmy Kimmel about Bloom popping the question in a helicopter. Apparently, it was even more romantic than she originally let on, however, with the actor going all out in the flower department.

Perry sat down with Capital Breakfast With Roman Kemp for an interview posted on Friday, May 31, to dish all the nitty gritty dreamy details of the couple’s big moment, which she referred to as a “BFD—big deal.”

“I just remember meeting him at dinner, at this place, this Italian restaurant. ‘Cause when I get a pass, I just want to stuff my face with pasta. And, so I get there, and I mean, he’s like, clean-shaven, he’s not wearing tennis shoes, I’m like, aw, sh*t, something is going down.”

Perry said that in addition to his altered appearance, Bloom, 42, gave her an inkling that he might ask for her hand based on his demeanor—which included some big gulps of air—at dinner. “Well, I mean, he was letting me, like, we were ordering everything, and I was like, who is this person?! He must have been so nervous,” she said.

Things only got better from there, with the couple boarding the famous helicopter where the actor would ultimately ask his love to marry him with a gorgeous Art Deco flower-shaped ring.

The duo were not only met by all of Perry’s family and friends upon landing, but a flower arrangement of Kim and Kanye proportions.

“The most flowers, like, the most flowers you’ve ever seen,” the Grammy-nominee recalled to Kemp. “It’s like, you know, when Kanye does that for Kim, you’re like, ‘Oh, my God,’ I was like, ‘OH, MY GODDDD!’” (She isn’t kidding—see West’s third wedding anniversary gift to his wife for proof.)

The pop star concluded by gushing over her spouse-to-be, saying, “Anyways, he’s great, I love him. I could go on and on.”

Perry and Orlando got together after they were spotted flirting at a Golden Globes after-party in 2016. Though they took a break in February 2017, they got back together a year later, and the rest, as they say is history: The pair are currently planning their wedding.

“Orlando always shied away from anything flashy,” a source shared with People in March. “He doesn’t want a huge celebrity wedding. But they also have many friends that are important to them. They are still figuring out the details. Katy will work with a planner.”

The insider added that the couple is also looking to do something different than they did for their previous weddings to Russell Brand and Miranda Kerr, respectively: "They are trying to find a middle ground now.”

With Bloom’s clear penchant for orchestrating jaw-dropping events à la his proposal, we have no doubt that these two will succeed!

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