Kate Middleton and Prince William's Third Child Could Have One of These Names

The odds have changed

Updated 02/12/18

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In America, bookies typically manage bets of the sports variety, but across the pond, oddsmakers are currently taking bets on all things royal, because of course. In the remaining few months before Kate Middleton and Prince William welcome their third child, bookies in the U.K. are reportedly extra busy calculating the odds of what the royal baby will be named. Unfortunately for those hoping Will and Kate will get a little more creative with their name choices the third time around, British newspaper Metro reports that most are betting on the couple’s borrowing a name from recent royal history—so we won’t see a Princess Chicago taking the throne anytime soon.

Gambling company Ladbrokes told Metro that the current odds favor Mary if the royal baby is a girl and either Albert or Arthur if it’s a boy. As recently as last month, Princess Alice was the top choice, but the name has since fallen to second place, where it’s currently tied with Victoria. And while Albert used to be the bettors’ choice for a little prince, Arthur has recently become a crowd favorite and is now tied with Albert—though both male names have significantly lower odds than Mary, Alice, and Victoria, since most are betting that the royal baby will be another little girl. Rounding out the list of possible baby names are Alexandra, Diana, and Elizabeth for a baby girl and Frederick, Henry, and James for a boy.

The last Mary in the royal family was Princess Mary, who died in 1965 and was the daughter of Queen Mary and King George V. Mary is also one of Queen Elizabeth II’s middle names: Her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

British bookies have been pretty spot-on in setting the odds for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s other two children. In 2013, shortly before Prince George Alexander Louis was born, the names George, James, and Alexander had the highest odds. And in 2015, mere weeks before Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana’s birth, the top names for a baby girl had been narrowed down to Elizabeth, Alice, and Charlotte. Clearly, there’s a very good chance that a little Princess Mary will arrive this April.

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