Kate Middleton's Marriage to Prince William Was Predicted When She Was 13 Years Old

Well, sort of

Updated 03/05/18

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton had a fairy-tale wedding when she married Prince William almost seven years ago, and now, the soon-to-be mother of three is living in what you could describe as the "happily ever after" phase of a bedtime story about a girl falling in love with a prince. But it turns out the Duchess of Cambridge's life story has another classic element of any good fairy tale: a fortune teller predicting all the happiness to come. In her case, though, the fortune teller wasn't exactly a professional seer—only a fellow middle-school actor.

Allow us to explain. A home-video clip published by Hello! magazine shows the future duchess performing in a school play at St. Andrew's Preparatory School. Thirteen-year-old Kate has her palm read by another student playing a fortune teller, who informs her she'll marry "a handsome man, a rich gentleman" who just happens to live in London. If you're not convinced this is obviously the most prophetic school play ever performed, the name of the man teenage Kate's character would eventually fall for and marry was William.

Besides being an eerily accurate predictor of Kate's future as a member of the royal family, the footage has all the charm of any school play, with the duchess seemingly at ease on stage in her long white dress and flowered hair pieces, totally going for that exaggerated stage whisper. It seems like her time as a young thespian prepared her to spend her adult life on such an international stage.

Her theatrical past also means she has something else in common with future sister-in-law, Suits star Meghan Markle. Harry's bride-to-be and the duchess have been spending more time together, including accompanying Prince William and Prince Harry on their first public appearance as a foursome at the Royal Foundation Forum last month. Maybe after discussing tips about navigating life as a royal, they found time to talk about the dramatic arts.

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