Kate Mara and Jamie Bell Asked a Neighbor If They Could Borrow Her House For Their Wedding

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Updated 01/09/18

Rich Fury/Getty Images

When Kate Mara and Jamie Bell got married last July, they combined the familiarity of a backyard ceremony with the excitement of a destination wedding—by walking across the street and tying the knot at their neighbor's house. During an appearance on The Late Late Show on Monday, Bell explained how he and his Fantastic Four costar ended up hosting their "lovely" and "intimate" wedding just a few steps from their own front door.

"We actually got married right across the street from our house. I literally woke up in my own bed and walked across the street, and we had our ceremony," the Brit told host James Corden. "We happen to live across the street from this very beautiful, old house, and we'd been trying to find a location to do it, which was tricky for various reasons. When we couldn't find anything, we just asked the woman who owns the house across the street, 'Do you mind if we do it there?' And she was like, 'Yes, that's amazing.' So we walked across the street, and then when that was done, we spent the night on that property, and then, when it was done, we walked back across the street and came home."

Bell also shared the best part of getting married right across the street from your own home: "Every day we come out of the house, we see the house we were married in, which is beautiful," he said. Aww!

Mara and Bell, who started dating in 2015 after meeting on the set of Fantastic Four, confirmed their engagement in January 2017. The pair revealed that they had tied the knot the following July with matching social media posts. Both posted a blurry photo in which they wear their wedding finery and share a smooch in front of a guitar player. Mara captioned the pic, "Nuptials," while Bell wrote, "Mr. and Mrs. B."

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