Kanye West Wore Socks With Sandals to 2 Chainz's Wedding and the Internet Can't Handle It

Of course he did

Updated 08/20/18


Summer weddings can be tricky to dress for. If it's indoors, you have to bring along an extra layer so you don't freeze from the A/C, but if the party's outside, you have to find an outfit that won't leave you covered in sweat stains. Over the weekend, Kanye West addressed this dilemma head-on, attending fellow rapper 2 Chainz's wedding in an outfit that was both breezy enough in the suffocating Miami heat and comfortable enough for a long night of dancing inside the Villa Casa Casuarina hotel—all while being a bizarre enough ensemble to leave the Internet collectively scratching their heads.

For his pal's wedding, West donned a pale-green linen Louis Vuitton suit and matching pants, opting to wear nothing under the blazer but a few gold chains. On his feet, inexplicably, he wore a gray pair of puffy Yeezy slides (that looked to be a bit too small?) over plain white socks. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian West coordinated with her husband's suit in a skintight ankle-length dress in neon green with a wide slit up her left leg, but shoe-wise, chose a more traditionally wedding-appropriate pair of strappy gold heels.


And here's a shot of those Yeezy slides that West posted earlier this month:

Almost immediately upon seeing photos from the Wests' wedding outing, people took to social media to express their confusion over the musician's choice of footwear. While some firmly stated their belief that socks and sandals should be reserved only for quick runs out to the car or mailbox, others simply had to ask: "What are THOOOOOSE?!"

That said, Kimye's creative ensembles weren't exactly out of place at the wedding. During the ceremony, 2 Chainz sported a shiny gold blazer and black pants, while longtime partner Kesha Ward wore a vibrant red gown; for the reception, the newlyweds changed into an ornately detailed white suit and bedazzled gown, respectively. Though nobody else appears to have worn Yeezy slides—let alone socks with sandals—to the wedding, West was undoubtedly happy with his footwear choice after a few rounds on the dance floor.

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