Justin Hartley Gave a This Is Us –Worthy Speech at His Sister's Wedding

The pressure was on!

Updated 03/07/18

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The tear-jerking monologues in nearly every episode of the NBC hit This Is Us are somewhat of both a blessing and a curse for the actors who say them. Sure, they could serve as the perfect inspiration for IRL romantic moments (as if star Sterling K. Brown needs any help in that department). But, with great power comes great responsibility, and now everyone has come to just expect wise words of wisdom and love from the This Is Us actors. This, according to star Justin Hartley, of course puts the pressure on when it comes to things like wedding speeches, where expectations are already high. Thus was the high-stress situation Hartley found himself in when his sister asked him to give a speech at her recent wedding.

“My sister got married last weekend to a wonderful guy, tremendous human being,” Hartley explained on The Late Show. “And she asked me, ‘Would you give a speech?’ And I was flattered. I said, ‘I’d be honored to give a speech.’” But then, the nerves set in for the This Is Us star.

“Then it sort of dawned on me as the time was approaching to give the speech,” he said to host Stephan Colbert. “I’m looking around the room and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Buddy, you’ve got to deliver. People are going to be expecting some This Is Us tears coming down.’”

Luckily, those fictional Pearson family genes came through and Hartley was able to pull off a This Is Us–worthy speech on the big day. “I think I had some welling up, which is kind of where you want to be,” said Hartley of the crowd’s response at the reception. “You don’t want the mascara on the bride running. You want to be respectful of that.”

To save himself the stress, next time maybe he should give our guide to the perfect best man speech (with Barack Obama’s former speechwriter David Litt!) a watch?

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