Julianne Hough Reveals Her Number One Wedding-Day Regret

It's the DWTS pro's most outrageous demand

Updated 04/02/18

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Around here, we don't really like to use the term "bridezilla." It's pretty sexist, TBH, and just plain mean. But, while planning her July 2017 wedding to hockey player Brooks Laich, Julianne Hough admits that she had one rather outrageous demand that she herself calls her "bridezilla" moment.

Don't be so hard on yourself, Julianne! There's no reason to use the dreaded b-word, here. But in a recent interview with Instyle, the Dancing With the Stars judge did just that to describe one of her wedding-day demands. “What was I a bridezilla about? Anything?” she asked her now-husband Brooks Laich. “The only thing I think you were a bridezilla about—if I was to use that term—was cutting back the trees at the lake house,” Laich replied, referring to the lakeside setting of his and Hough's outdoor ceremony. “That was really the only moment where I was like, this is a little irrational.”

Hough had to agree. “That was the only thing, and it was literally only a couple of days before the wedding,” she said. “And that only happened because Mr. Man over here forgot to do the spring clean of the trees.”

But, despite any pre-wedding stressors, this couple's big day seemingly couldn't have been more perfect—and now, neither could their marriage. "Now that we're married, we're a team everywhere," Laich explained to Instyle. "It's not just her life there and my life here; it's that I represent her everywhere I go and she represents me everywhere she goes. Even though, really, we end up going to everything together."

"The day we got married, it was a whole new level of commitment and depth and love," he continued later in the interview. "It was the same thing when you switch from being boyfriend girlfriend to engaged, you get a deeper sense of love. It's just such a radical moment."

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