Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Throwback Wedding Photo Proves She Literally Doesn't Age

Updated 06/28/16

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The key to staying ageless? We're not totally sure, but from the looks of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, it may be making people laugh — and being in a happy marriage! The former Seinfeld star celebrated her 29th wedding anniversary with husband Brad Hall in typical 2016 style by posting a throwback photo of her wedding on Instagram — lucky us.

The 55-year-old actress shared a black and white photo of her 1987 nuptials (see the picn below), in which she is decked out in a puffy-sleeved ball gown with lace ruffles along the neckline and sleeves, channeling a total '80s vibe (not that we're complaining). She captioned the photo, "29 years ago today. A good choice. #remain," the hashtag being a subtle dig at the British "Brexit" decision from last week. Her hair was pulled back in a low chignon, and she donned a cathedral-length veil, holding a bouquet of loose white blooms.

Just a short while later, the native New Yorker posted a present-day selfie of her and her hubs, proving that she, literally, doesn't age.

The Veep star has been happily married to Hall for 29 years, after they met while attending Northwestern University, according to People, and she notes that it really was love at first sight. "There were a couple of moments, some of which I will not share," the comedian joked, "But I would say that I knew almost immediately [that he was the one]. It's really the truth." The couple met when the Louis-Dreyfus was trying out for one of Hall's plays on campus.

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Fast-forward to the present, and the two have two children together and almost 30 years of marriage under their belts. Unless her real-life dance moves resemble that of her character Elaine's on Seinfeld (which to most would be a total deal breaker), it appears that the two are definitely in it for long haul.

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The comedian says that her secret to staying young is partly due to her happy marriage, but we're thinking it may also have to do with some magic elixir or potion she's drinking, too. Or maybe eating cake? Spill your anti-aging secrets, girl!

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