Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness on the Biggest Beauty Mistake Brides

Attention, brides-to-be!

Taylor Hill

When it comes to your big day, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong (just ask the royal family!). But as *Queer Eye’*s Jonathan Van Ness will tell you, there’s one common mistake brides make at their weddings that’s totally preventable.

Surprisingly, it’s not going over budget or being underprepared, but the TV personality says venturing outside your comfort zone is the biggest bridal faux pas—particularly when it comes to hair and makeup.

"If you're someone who is on the high-glam side, don't do a bare face on your wedding day," he told Insider. "If you're someone who's on the more natural side [...] just zhuzh what you're normally like." (That’s adding a bit of a pizazz to your regular look, for those who don’t speak Queer Eye.)

The hair guru also advises making sure you’ve figured out exactly what it is you want ahead of your ceremony. "When you go to do your trial run, a lot of hairdressers will be like 'Oh, this is like an 80 percent version of it, and we'll really go full out on the day," he said. "NO! You need to do your whole look twice through a week before your wedding."

After all, as the sometimes wedding officiant pointed out, "If your hairdresser doesn't get it right on the first time, why are they going to get it together on the second? I've seen so many meltdowns on the day of because of that."

JVN's bottom line? "Keep it simple and enjoy your day.”

Hear, hear! Now go call your makeup artist, stat!

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