Are JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Inviting Aaron Rodgers to Their Wedding?

Updated 10/06/16

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Even though Jordan Rodgers and his NFL star brother Aaron Rodgers have a complicated relationship (as we witnessed on last season's The Bachelorette), it won't impact any wedding plans (whew!) with JoJo Fletcher. When it comes to their wedding guest list, JoJo and Jordan have made it very clear — they are definitely inviting Aaron to the wedding.

The backstory: during the season's hometown dates, it was revealed that Jordan, 27, had a nonexistent relationship with his brother Aaron, 32, who is a pro-football player for the Green Bay Packers. "You know, I didn't even think about it going into the show," the reality star told People. "I probably should've. I just wasn't familiar with the show, but my goal was to be honest with her every step of the way."

Even with that in mind, it doesn't seem to be effecting wedding planning. "There's no scenario in which I wouldn't want my entire family at a wedding so absolutely, that's something all of our family wants and hopes for at some point," the reality star shared with People. While wedding planning is still in the beginning stages, it's good to know that he will be all-inclusive of his family despite any issues among the family.

Recently, the couple has been in the news because of rumors that their wedding was called off, but lucky they were just that — rumors. "I don't know where those rumors are coming from," Fletcher shared with TMZ. "Everything's amazing. Same old same old," she confirmed.

When it comes to the wedding, Fletcher and Jordan are excitedly making plans and sharing a few minor details — one being that it's going to be BIG. "I have the biggest family and I know my mom already has the largest list of people to invite," Fletcher explained. Big families plus a big Bachelor and Bachelorette lineup of besties (and Chris Harrison, one can only hope)? This is going to be one big celebration.

Even though the guest list appears to be getting a bit more solidified, Fletcher and Rodgers didshare that they haven't booked a venue yet! "We're trying to figure out when it's going to be first," said Rodgers. With his new gig as an ESPN football analyst, we're sure that it's taking up a good amount of time for the lovebirds. But as every busy bride and groom know, wedding planning is a part-time (full-time?) job, so dive in head first and get to planning so we can see it all unfold you two...please and thank you.

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