Joe Alwyn Reportedly Wants to Propose to Taylor Swift 'Soon'

But maybe don't believe the engagement hype just yet

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2018 may have been the year of celebrity couples; there were a dizzying amount of celebrity weddings, engagements, babies (and, sadly, breakups) over the past 12 months. But is Taylor Swift going to be the latest (and maybe last?) celeb of 2018 to join the bride-to-be club?

According to Us Weekly, yes. On Wednesday, the outlet published a "source's" account saying that Joe Alwyn, Swift's boyfriend of a year-and-a-half, is "very keen" (we can assume this source, like Alwyn, is British based on his use of "keen") on proposing to the singer.

“Joe is very keen on proposing soon,” the source said. “But he wants to make it unforgettable and extremely special.”

The source goes on to say that Swift is more than ready for the proposal, because Joe is “her dream guy.” They added, “Taylor’s going to be over the moon.”

And while that sounds very nice for Taylor, the timing of the report is a bit too good to be true. As The Cut notes, Alwyn is in the midst of not one, but two press tours for Mary, Queen of Scots and The Favourite. And more telling, the actor has very sternly denied every request to speak about his A-list girlfriend. Most recently, he shut down Esquire by saying, "I think there’s a very clear line as to what somebody should share, or feel like they have to share, and what they don’t want to and shouldn’t have to,” so the chances of the very private couple sharing something as personal as a proposal are slim to none. (She didn't even walk the red carpet with Alwyn at the film's release, but she was spotted enjoying a drink at the afterparty.)

Not to mention, rumors about Swift and Alwyn being engaged tend to circulate almost on a monthly basis.

Word to the wise: If you want to know if Taylor is engaged (or even married) don't turn to the media for answers—Reputation made it clear that we'd be the last to know. Try buying her next album instead; one which she's already teased as being her "next chapter" and will likely riddle with clues about the state of her relationship.

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Luckily, if the signer does needs help planning a super-secret wedding in the future, we're sure her besties Karlie Kloss or Ed Sheeran can lend a hand. Kloss managed to pull off mid-week nuptials in a custom Dior gown without a peep to the press until she spilled the details herself. Meanwhile, Sheeran's wedding was so secret the media didn't catch on until he hinted at a wedding ring in an interview months after the fact.

But with all that said and done, we should also note Swift's 29th birthday is Thursday—and a ring is a mighty popular birthday gift.

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