Jimmy Kimmel's Wife Molly McNearney Opens Up About Her Husband's Soft Side

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We know Jimmy Kimmel has a sense of humor when it comes to his marriage (remember the little competition he has with across-the-street neighbors Emily Blunt and John Krasinski), but it turns out he's a total romantic at heart, too.

McNearney explains in the latest issue of Entertainment Weeky it all stems from when they first got together. "When we started dating, I would go back and forth between my place and his," she divulges in the issue. "I have my stuff at my house, and I like my own space. One time, he was in the bathroom for a very long time, and I just figured something was going on internally."

Turns out, he was hiding a special surprise for her! "A few days later, he presented me with this big box that had two of everything in my makeup and Dopp kit, because he saw that I was lugging stuff back and forth, and he wanted me to be comfortable in his home," she revealed. "He was in the bathroom for that hour and a half with my bag going through every single thing: every lotion, razor, deodorant, shampoo, makeup." Um, can Kimmel give other men a lesson or two?!

All kidding aside, McNearney finishes that Kimmel "really is the greatest wife you could ask for." Guess he's not the only one with a sense of humor!

Not going to lie, that sounds like the ultimate act of kindness. Kudos to Kimmel for digging through his future-wife's beauty products to make her life easier!

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