Get a Look at the Disney Channel's First-Ever Wedding!

Debby Ryan. Frederick M. Brown for Getty

The Disney Channel's first-ever wedding happened last night: Did you watch it? Jessie Prescott (played by Debby Ryan) got married to her dreamy fiancé Brooks (played by Pierson Fode) on the channel's smash hit, Jessie. The title of the episode was fitting, named "There Goes the Bride."

In case you missed it, here's what happened: The whimsical nanny has to tie the knot in virtually one day because the man of her dreams, Brooks, secures a job in Africa and has to travel to his new post in just two days. Fortunately for the blushing bride-to-be, she has a dedicated and incredible bridal team who gets her wedding ensemble ready in a cinch.

The engagement and wedding story developed over four episodes which started airing last month and naturally, Jessie's wedding gown, designed by Tara Keely, has been making its own headlines. Ryan actually had a big influence on what her character would wear for her special day. In a video previewing the episode, she said, "It's very age appropriate. It's modest, it's sweet, it's romantic, and it's traditional. Working with the costume designer on this wedding dress has been a passion of mine."

Jessie's costume designer Jessica Peel Scott also gave the scoop to Yahoo TV. "It just fit the character so perfectly, and the shape was absolutely beautiful on Debby. We tried a bunch of dresses and that one, we just both fell in love with it." The costume designer continued, "I just had tons of magazines we were going through, in just thinking about who Jessie was and where she came from and what would be a good in-between of where she started and where she is now as a character, and what would be pretty. And this one was one of the first ones I picked, and she and I kept going back to it."

The dress's color was also nontraditional. "It's actually a really beautiful blush color, which is really super modern and kind of what's really hip and happening right now in the bridal stuff," Scott added. "We thought that's great, that's a little nod to what's super current, and then the neckline was so pretty and kind of timeless." We agree!

Check out a preview from the episode (and see the wedding dress!) in the below clip.

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