Meghan Markle’s BFF Has Framed Photos From the Royal Wedding on Her Mantel


GP Images

Displaying photos from a friend’s wedding in your home isn’t typically newsworthy, but when your friend is Meghan Markle, it’s kind of a big deal.

Jessica Mulroney, one of Markle’s best friends and rumored stylist, innocently posted a video to Instagram stories (which was reposted to fan account _duchess_of_sussex) of her Christmas decorations. As she panned the room—with none other than the Michael Bublé Christmas album playing in the background—fans caught a glimpse of Mulroney’s tree, presents, fireplace, and her daughter. But without even realizing it, we presume, Mulroney also showed off some framed photos from the royal wedding that were displayed on her mantel.

As some dedicated fans pointed out, one of the photos is a shot of Mulroney walking into St. George’s Chapel with her daughter (who was in the bridal party), alongside Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte.

The other photo is of Mulroney’s twin sons, who were page boys in the wedding party, memorably holding the Duchess of Sussex’s veil while entering the church.


Despite having a high-profile friendship, Mulroney has been very respectful of her royal friend’s privacy and hardly ever posts or talks about her so this is a rarity.

At the time of the wedding, Mulroney shared the photo of her sons holding Markle's veil on Instagram with the caption, “Proud friend. Proud mom.” Since, then her work with the royals has been pretty top secret, but as someone who reportedly helped Meghan pick out her dress and several notable looks since becoming a duchess, we imagine the two have remained close friends.

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