Jessica Biel Reveals the Secret to Her Marriage to Justin Timberlake

"Honestly, I just really feel like you have to work hard."

Updated 08/16/18

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

After watching their happiness play out in headlines and on social media for the better part of a decade, we know to listen when Jessica Biel talks about the secrets of her marriage to Justin Timberlake. In a new interview on the Today show on Thursday, Biel sat down with anchor Savannah Guthrie to reveal how she and her hubby of 10 years keep their love so vibrantly alive.

Their secret to keeping things exciting? "Definitely our work," Biel said. "We're lucky enough to be able to go and stay in different places, live in different places while we work, and that's definitely part of it. But, honestly, I just really feel like you have to work hard. That doesn't change if you work at home or in an office or you're on a tour, it doesn't change, the work doesn't change. The being devoted to the relationship is our biggest priority."

This year, Timberlake's work has allowed the entire family to travel all over the world together, as Biel and their 3-year-old son, Silas, have accompanied the singer on his Man of the Woods tour.

"It is fun to be on the road," Biel told Guthrie, noting that it's been an especially incredible experience for Silas. "I think it's amazing for our son because he's hearing new languages. We're talking about different countries, the names of different countries, what he likes, what he's seen. He would never have these experiences if we weren't able to get out there and go for it."

Another secret that the actress swears by? “Communication, communication, communication,” she said in an interview earlier this year. “The ability to be really honest about how you're feeling and what your needs are... just be able to communicate really honestly with your partner. That's worked for us so far. I would never want to speak on anyone else's relationship, but that's what we do."

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