Jennifer Lopez Posts Gushy Love Note for Second Anniversary With Alex Rodriguez

"You make me feel like a teenager starting out all over again."

Updated 02/04/19

Nicholas Hunt

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are still so in love on their second anniversary together. During the 2019 Super Bowl game on Sunday, the "El Anillo" singer posted a sweet love note to her partner on Instagram featuring a series of photos of the couple together. The post has amassed over two million likes in less than 24 hours.

"Two years of laughter, two years of fun, two years of adventures, of excitement, of growing and learning, of true friendship, and so much love!!" she wrote. "You make my world a more beautiful safe and stable the midst of our ever-changing, ever-moving make me feel like a teenager starting out all over again... Every time I think I have you pegged, you surprise me in the most wonderful ways reminding me how blessed I am to have found you now in this moment at this time... our time...Te Amo Macho... #atapontheshoulder #2years"

The singer and the former New York Yankees player first announced their relationship in May 2017, after the two had a sweet meet-cute story. Since then, the couple has opened up numerous times about the excitement of combining their blended family—but neither Lopez nor Rodriguez are in any rush to put a ring on it. Lopez, who has been married three times already, says she understands the pressure to get married from her fans.

“Everyone wants a fairy tale. They all want a romantic comedy, a happy ending. We all do,” Lopez told USA Today in an interview from December. “But it’s not a movie, even if you see us on Instagram or on the shows.”

She added, “We’re happy. We’re taking it day by day. And it’s great.”

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