Jennifer Lopez Says She Can't Wait to Grow Old With Alex Rodriguez

The singer said A-Rod allows her to be who she is

Updated 05/07/19

Kevin Mazur

Jennifer Lopez is clearly a romantic at heart. She opened up to Today‘s Savannah Guthrie this week and shared that she "always planned to get married again." Now that Alex Rodriguez proposed during a tenderly planned vacation in the Bahamas, she can't wait to spend the rest of her life with him.

In an interview on Monday morning, J.Lo gushed about A-Rod and made it clear that she can't wait to tie the knot with him. Their wedding would mark J.Lo's fourth, but she said she's always hoped to have a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

“I want to spend my life with somebody,” Lopez said. “I want to grow old with somebody. I think that’s the goal, right? To find a partner to kind of walk through this crazy thing with right?”

She also shared that her connection to A-Rod is incredibly special and described all the things they have in common, from their approach to family to supporting one another. We've already seen that A-Rod is his future wife's number one fan on social media and has made it a habit of celebrating her accomplishments on Instagram.

“We just complement each other,” she said. “He’s super supportive. He allows me to be who I am. I want him to shine in the greatest way possible and to be his best self. And we just help each other be better people, in a way.”

She added that they also deeply "love our families. We’re very similar, as well. We grew up the same," she said. "We kind of both got in the public eye very young, we both had our hard moments in the public eye. But at the same time, we keep coming back.”

As excited as she is, J.Lo has made it clear in past interviews that she's not in a rush to plan a wedding. Instead, she and A-Rod are happily enjoying the engagement life.

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