No One Can Figure out Jennifer Lawrence's Engagement Ring

The star's bauble has become a bit of a mystery

Pascal Le Segretain

If you had no idea newly engaged Jennifer Lawrence was even dating Cooke Maroney in the first place, you're not alone—the star has masterfully managed to keep her private life just that. While we know that the Instagramless actress won't be filling our feeds with ring selfies any time soon, the public's fascination with the mysterious new bauble has only magnified since news of her engagement broke on Tuesday, February 5. But it seems J. Law is seemingly one step ahead of the game, with fans convinced that she's debuting a decoy jewel to throw off the paparazzi. Let's unpack this.

It began when sources who initially teased the couple's engagement to Page Six witnessed them during a celebratory dinner in New York with "a giant rock" nestled on Lawrence's left hand. "They seemed like they were celebrating and people were talking about it," the insider continued. "The ring was very noticeable."

The claims were somewhat validated, thanks to a blurry paparazzi photo from the same evening. Per Elle, a close-up of the image shows what looks to be like a decent-sized diamond. Color us impressed.

Fast-forward to Wednesday, February 6, though, when the lovebirds stepped out once more, this time with Lawrence sporting a different jewel on her ring finger. More, much clearer pics revealed just a simple gold accessory with a barely-there center stone that's definitely not the same ring as before. Curious...

Celebitchy notes that J. Law may have just turned the OG ring around, hiding the diamond in her palm to keep the press off her back. If she did invest in a separate backup bauble, though, we're thoroughly wowed by both her ingenuity and the second jewel's stunning minimal design (modern brides, take note).

Lawrence and Maroney's romance was officially confirmed in June 2018, shortly after the actress parted ways with Mother! director Darren Aronofsky. Let's only hope Lawrence plans to debut her new jewelry on the Oscars red carpet in a few short weeks.

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