Uh Oh! Jason Sudeikis Broke This Major Dating Rule When Courting Olivia Wilde

Updated 03/16/16

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We can't get enough of the gorgeous Olivia Wilde and her hunky fiancé Jason Sudeikis — that's a given. From their undeniable chemistry on whatever red carpet they happen to be strutting on to their adorable obsession with their young son, Otis, this engaged twosome always seems to be in the running for our favorite celebrity couple round-ups. But it turns out that their romantic relationship wasn't always so picture perfect. In fact, their love story almost came to a very abrupt end when Sudeikis ghosted Wilde when they first starting dating. Um, what?!

Who in the right mind would ever ghost Wilde? Well, Sudeikis wasn't always so starry-eyed for the Vinyl star, as Wilde revealed that he committed the majorly rude dating faux-pas during her guest appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

The pair met at an after-party for Saturday Night Live, where the We're the Millers actor spotted his soon-to-be fiancé alone on the dance floor. He played it cool, approaching her and saying, "Whatever you're looking for, you don't need it," before promptly walking away. Very smooth, Sudeikis! "It was definitely a line," laughed Wilde.

After later getting her digits, "He played it really cool," the actress recalls. "When he got my number, he didn't text me for a month." Excuse us? One does not just ghost Olivia Wilde! But breaking this major relationship rule apparently worked in Sudeikis' favor. "I was on the hook," Wilde admitted, even though she had no idea what had happened to celebrity crush. "I was like, 'Did Jason Sudeikis die because I don't have any texts.'"

When the former SNL comedian finally did light up her phone, she said his message was "witty and perfectly timed." Looks like he had an end game all along! "He was so smart. He just knew how to get me on the hook." One epic engagement ring and a baby later, and that's definitely for sure!

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