Jason Momoa Talks Married Life with Lisa Bonet

The Game of Thrones star revealed how his relationship has changed since marriage

Updated 01/21/18

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Though we were all under the assumption that Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet had quietly tied the knot years ago, the two only just months ago in October 2017—and Momoa is still talking about the big change in their relationship following the wedding.

The Game of Thrones sat down with Yahoo to discuss his new film, Braven, and opened up about married life and explain just how big of a change marriage actually is.

“I never actually thought that I would really feel that change, but I do,” he says of married life. “I’ve always thought of her as my wife. We have two beautiful children together. We’ve been together for 12 years. But yeah ... it was awesome having the ceremony and saying my vows in front of all of our family and friends and being committed. I’m very, very happy that we did that, even though I knew that we were [committed].”

The two took a quick honeymoon before the actor was summoned back to Hollywood.

“It’s back to work, I guess,” he said, adding that he was currently on location in Newfoundland shooting Season 3 of Frontier, so seeing his family can be bit of a challenge. “But I get to see them very soon. We’re going to do some press for Frontier in New York, so I’m flying my babies out and my wife.”

The couple has collaborated together in the past, when they co-stared in Road to Paloma and the television series The Red Road, but it's been a while since the two have been able to work together.

“As far as working with wifey again, I will probably be helping her in her directing and producing,” Momoa says. “I know there’s a lot of stuff that she wants to do. And before we had babies, she was starting to direct a lot, so getting her back into that and supporting into that and supporting her there.”

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