5 Things We Loved About the Jane the Virgin Wedding

Updated 05/17/16

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SPOILER ALERT! Did you miss the big Jane the Virgin season finale? Don't got a step further! As our narrator would say: "OMG! Jane Villanueva is married!" Jane the Virgin finally got her man last night (well sort of), and said her "I dos" to Michael in a perfectly sweet, perfectly hilarious, perfectly telenovela style wedding ceremony. Whether you're #TeamMichael or #TeamRafael, you can't deny the wedding Jane's dad Rogelio organized for his daughter, was pretty much perfect — well, minus the bride and her father running late and arriving there by bus, hey, hijinks always ensue in telenovelas right? Jane's happy ending is still up in the air (is Michael alive? Will she be a virgin forever?), but we couldn't help but find happiness all over this adorable episode.

Here, we're rounding up our top 5 favorite moments from the Jane the Virgin wedding.

1. The Dress

OMG the dress! It's been kept under wraps ever since Jane visited a bridal salon with Xiomara. With some sweet lace (sweet yet sexy with a little bit of skin peaking through), and off-the-shoulder neckline, quarter length sleeves and a full flowing skirt, it perfectly embodies all the different sides of our Jane. Jane topped off the dress in sweet, nostalgic style, paying homage to her abuela (and the women in her family who came before her) by wearing the veil that has been passed down through generations.

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2. The Vows

After Jane says her traditional vows, Michael gives her grandmother Alba a knowing nod and proceeds to deliver his vows, 100% in Spanish. We're not crying, you're crying.

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__3. The Father-Daughter Dance

__As if we could love Rogelio more (#RogelioMyBrogelio!). Jane and Rogelio's father-daughter dance starts off just like everyone else's, sweet and endearing. Jane thanks her father for throwing the wedding she's always dreamt of, except that she never dreamt she would be dancing with her father at her wedding (again, you're the one who is crying). And then, in true Rogelio fashion, the pair breaks out in to a spectacularly choreographed dance that only shows us how adorably similar Jane and Ro are. #RogelioForever.

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