What Does Fifty Shades of Grey Star Jamie Dornan's Wife Think of His Sexy New Film?

Updated 02/13/15

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We're not about to point any fingers, but we have a good inclination some of you will be spending this Valentine's Day weekend catching Jamie Dornan is his new racy film, Fifty Shades of Grey. One lady that won't be settling in for the highly anticipated flick is Dornan's own wife, Amelia Warner.

"She doesn't want to watch this. She wants to support me and my work," Dornan told USA Today of his performance as Christian Grey. "I won't be able to sit there myself. I am not going to put any pressure on her either way. It's her decision. She's well aware that it's pretend, but it's probably not that comfortable to watch."

Dornan doesn't feel any bad blood over his wife's probable decision to skip this flick. In fact, he explained he wasn't even entirely comfortable seeing his own steamy love scenes, so he can understand why his wife, with whom he has one daughter, is choosing not to spend her Valentine's Day with throngs of Fifty Shades fans.

As for what Warner won't be seeing, Dornan mentions that there's a particularly long shot of his uncovered er... backside. "There's quite a long shot of my (butt). I wasn't hugely comfortable with it when I watched it. That's my bum. Still my bum. Wow."

Even if Dornan and Warner won't be seeing the film, plenty of other ladies — and men! — will be. But don't get too inspired by the sexy storyline. According to the Washington Post, sex injuries in the US have doubled, with most emergency room visits happening in 2012 and 2013 right around the release of two installments of the series. If that's not a disclaimer, we don't know what is!

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