Jaimie Alexander Reveals Why She'll Be Super Buff When She Marries Peter Facinelli

Updated 08/14/15

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Getting in shape for your wedding isn't a new concept — brides everywhere try workout classes, take up running, or maybe even a cleanse to help them feel their best when they walk down the aisle. But for Hollywood brides, the pre-wedding workout may be as simple as signing on for a new acting role!

Actress Jaimie Alexander — who got engaged to Peter Facinelli in March — is too busy getting buff to think about a wedding, People reports. The actress has been weight training and working on her flexibility for a slew of upcoming projects, including NBC's new show Blindspot. "When I play Lady Sif in the Thor films, it's very fancy moves. It's very glitz and glam in a way," said Alexander. "[But Jane Doe in Blindspot] is hand-to-hand combat, very realistic moves for my body weight and size against the opponent.

And it's a lot more rough. I'm taking much more of a beating on this than I ever did in any Thor films."

One thing's for certain about the couple's impending nuptials — Alexander will be in amazing shape as a bride! But the Blindspot actress and Twilight alum are in no hurry to get hitched. "We're just enjoying, having a good time, and we take things slow," Alexander said. "We just enjoy each other. A piece of paper isn't going to change how much I love him, and how much he loves me."

Both Alexander and Facinelli both lead very hectic lives, Alexander told People in May. "We're both very busy people, and we want to make sure that when we get married, we actually have the right amount of time to spend with family and friends because it's going to be such a fun celebration."

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