Issa Rae’s Essence Cover Sparks Engagement Rumors

The actress is rocking an engagement-like ring on THAT finger

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Things are going real well for Issa Rae. Her new movie Little hits theaters in a few weeks, she is the cover star of Essence Magazine’s beauty issue, AND it looks like she might be engaged.

The Insecure creator is rocking some major bling on the April cover of Essence. From the looks of it, her ring finger is now sporting a cushion-cut diamond, wrapped in a halo of even more diamonds set on a double diamond band. To make the look even more bridal, Rae is dressed in a gorgeous white dress paired with a white turban.

Of course, the ring could have been a gift to herself, but the Internet is convinced it was her subtle way of announcing her engagement. Following the release of the issue, Rae thanked her fans for their support on Instagram stories—where she was still rocking the ring.

This is the first time Rae has been public about her relationship. She explained why she keeps her private life, well, private, in Marie Claire in 2018: "I get so much feedback about everything. The one thing I don’t need feedback on is who I’m sleeping with."

And in her Essence interview the actress spoke candidly about dealing with dating rejection in her youth, and how that has shaped her dating life as an adult. “After I learned they weren’t checking for me like that, I just kind of stopped caring in that way,” she said. “That’s not my primary focus. I’ve always been kind of flippant about relationships and men in general.”

Meanwhile, a writer for Vibe magazine said she interviewed the star just this past weekend and the ring was no where in sight). But the Internet is still convinced this former Awkward Black Girl has found herself a man, and they think they know who it is.

“Congratulations are in order for Issa Rae who is engaged to long term boyfriend Louis Diame, a fellow Senegalese business man!” one tweet read.

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Rae and Diame have been seen on a few red carpets together, but other than that, there is little mention of their relationship anywhere. Rae did however post a picture earlier this month where she is seen with the aforementioned bling in New Orleans, the same location as the cover shoot.

While we won't hold our breath waiting for Rae to address the rumors publicly, don't be surprised if her wedding photos just pop up out of nowhere.

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