Is Your Fiancé Worried About What's Going to Happen at Your Bachelorette Party?

Our friends at The Plunge weigh in..

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Well, that depends on your fiancé, of course. And you. And whoever is putting together your bachelorette party. There are a lot of factors that might make him worry, and plenty more that would leave him completely unconcerned.

The real question is: What are YOU worried that HE might be worried about?

For example, you might be wondering if:

  • He’s worried you’re going to cheat on him with a stripper.
  • He’s worried you’re going to get drunk and wander off with the first single guy you encounter.
  • He’s worried all your girlfriends are going to take this opportunity to dump on him behind his back.
  • He’s worried you’ll decide that maybe you prefer going out with your friends to staying home with him.
  • He’s worried that you’re going to lose the ring.
  • He’s worried about what details you’re going to share with him when you get home.

He’s worried about what details you’re not going to share with him when you get home.

Rest easy, ladies. Your guy is probably not fretting over any of these things.

We’re not worried about you cheating on us with a male stripper, because every time we picture it, we immediately jump to the image of you cheating on us with a female stripper. We find this image extremely hot, and we think about nothing else for the next five hours.

We’re not worried about you running off with another guy, especially if you’re drunk—because we know that when you’re drunk, all you want to do is cuddle on the sofa, and you almost always immediately fall asleep.

We’re not worried about your girlfriends dumping on us behind our back because (1) we’re awesome; and (2) your girlfriends would never hesitate to dump on us while we’re standing there in front of them.

We’re not worried that you’ll decide you prefer to go out with your friends because we WANT you to like going out with your friends: It means you can’t complain when we want to go out with ours.

We’re not worried about that ring. We know that it will be the center of attention for most of the evening, that there is no way you’re going to let it out of your sight. We’re not even worried that it will get stolen. We pity the thief who tries to snatch that thing from your finger: Death by bachelorette is a horrible way to die.

We’re not worried about what details of your bachelorette party you will or will not share, because we know that you will spend most of the next day recounting the party to us, to the point where we’ll be tempted to ask you to stop. We don’t mind if you hold back on some juicy details, either: It’s not like we tell you absolutely everything that happens when we go out.

A bachelorette party is about cutting loose, and letting go of your worries and inhibitions. Have a blast. Really, go absolutely crazy. We don’t mind. After all, we have our own bachelor party coming up.

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