Is Hiring a Wedding Videographer Really Necessary?

Are wedding videos worth the cost?

Heather Waraksa

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Many would argue even more, especially on your wedding day. Others could argue that it’s not worth the added expense, and pictures suffice. If you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer, we’ve asked real brides to share their opinions, based on their experiences.

“My wedding video is my favorite artifact from our day. I absolutely love our photos, but they are still images. We watch the video every year on our anniversary, and we get to see the family members who are no longer with us and hear their voices, see them dancing and enjoying themselves, etc. Every time we watch it we notice new things, too. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” —Nicole, 30

“I didn’t have a videographer—it was a budgeting issues and I thought pictures would be sufficient. But I regret not having one, even just a short trailer version. I love our photos but videos are a different ballgame and I wish I had something better than clips people took on their phones.” —Tara, 28

“I’m not even a huge ‘pictures person’ but I knew I really wanted a videographer at our wedding. Capturing the genuine, un-posed emotions of the day were really important to me and I found a videographer that sets everything to the most gorgeous music. To me, that seemed like a perfect way to look back on our wedding.” —Merry, 27

“We were going to pass but I was told two things. First, my cousin convinced me once he told us how he has video of our Nana talking, laughing, dancing, etc. It’s nice to have those moving memories of lost loved ones. And then I was also told that when you need some peace and quiet—a 3-year-old will ALWAYS watch ‘Mommy and Daddy on TV!’” They were right!” —Nancy, 37

“I did not have a videographer, it was a budgeting issue, but I regret it very much.” —Jessica, 29

“I am actually devastated that I didn’t even have my engagement moment on video. Not having my wedding on video wasn’t an option. Some people couldn’t make our wedding and it’s nice to be able the share the video with them.” —Theresa, 37

“It wasn’t an option for us to not have the videographer. I wanted to be able to show my future children my wedding.” —Angela, 28

“I love that we have our wedding video captured on film, but I really don’t like the music that it was set to. I wish we had the opportunity to pick each song instead of sending along songs we like and the producer picking ones that were similar in his mind. I’m still happy we had one but the music is the only negative.” —Amanda, 29

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