We Can't Believe This Wedding Video Was Shot on an iPhone

A couple posing for a video while getting eloped in the desert

Courtesy of White in Revery

When we first saw the above video of Kaleb and Evita's drop dead gorgeous elopement in the Moab, Utah, our first thought was "Is this even real?" We've seen our fair share of wedding videography (probs more than our share, TBH), but even we had to hit replay on this stunning desert glam elopement. The most incredible part? The entire video was captured with an iPhone 7.

What? What? What?

That's right. This wedding video wasn't captured with an enormous camera that would cost you several months' rent or heavy equipment that you probably won't be able to lift (even after you stepped up your strength routine for that strapless gown)—this lavish love story was filmed with just the little old thing lying in the bottom of your purse.

Husband-and-wife videography team, White in Revery, shot the dreamy desert elopement with only an iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, outfitting the phones with the latest iOS-compatible lenses and gadgets—including a Beastgrip Pro (the world's first universal lens adapter and camera rig system for smartphones), a DJI Osmo device, and an array of lenses—to best capture the epic landscape and swoon-worthy moments.

While the videography duo has filmed more than 100 elopements and weddings, this is White in Revery's first iPhone-only shoot. "We are always looking for creative ways to tell a couple’s story," the Denver-based team shared with Brides. "The iPhone 7 pushed us to think outside the box while still maintaining focus on the emotion and story of the couple."

Still don't believe us? We know, it's pretty unbelievable. But just check out some of the epic behind-the-scenes of this iPhone-shot film. We could legit watch Kaleb and Evita frolic through the breathtaking landscape, dance in the rays of the scarlet-hued sunset, and exchange the most romantic wedding vows on repeat.

Do we smell the next wedding trend, here? Well, while the camera capabilities of Apple products are pretty darn incredible, before you hand your iPhone over to a bridesmaid and dub her your videographer, it sorta kinda helps to have actual talent and experience with videography to pull off a professional-quality wedding video.

But when it comes to unconventional "I do" destinations where it's not exactly easy to tote heavy camera equipment (like the Moab canyon terrain for instance), this could be a total game changer.

BRB, watching this a few more (hundred) times...

Videography: White in Revery || Photography: Levi Tijerina || Bride's Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven, Purchased at A&Bé Bridal Shop || Jewelry: Bella and Chloe || Flowers: Foxglove || Soundtrack: MusicBed || iPhone 7 Lenses: Moment Lenses || iPhone 7 Mount: Beastgrip Pro

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