Moms At the Bachelorette Party: Bad Idea?


Of course you want your mom (and your fiancé's mom, in most cases) to be included in all pre-wedding festivities. Wedding dress shopping, bridal showers, engagement parties—these are events you wouldn't want to throw without them! But is inviting them to the bachelorette party a required gesture or unnecessary and a recipe for major awkwardness? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your bachelorette party questions in our daily post.

Should I invite my mom and the groom's mom to the bachelorette party?

This all depends on you and the type of bachelorette party you would like to have. Maybe you're extremely close to your mom and can't imagine having a wedding-related party without her there. Or, perhaps you would prefer a girls' night out on the town with friends. It's completely up to you. So, if your bachelorette party is going to be a dinner party, luncheon, brunch, or afternoon tea, then definitely invite your mom as well as your groom's mom to attend. But if you plan to go out drinking at a club or bar to celebrate, then having them along might make you (as well as the other party-goers) feel awkward. If that's the case, and you would still like your mom to be there for a portion of the festivities, you could invite both moms to dinner first, and then go out with your girlfriends after. PS—the latter is a great idea if you have underage sisters or cousins that you want to invite!

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